The Birth of a New Interdisciplinary Journal: Clinical & Researcher Approach in Health

  • Juan José González Gerez Editor Board. Clinical Advances in Health Research


In this first editorial, we would like to thank, first of all, all our readers for their attention.

We present for all of you a new scientific journal, born with the desire to achieve maximum dissemination, with a multidisciplinary vocation, and focused on clinical aspects related to health sciences.

Clinical Advances in Health Research is a scientific journal, dedicated to Health Sciences and Biomedicine, which publishes innovative and advanced scientific results related to health research, which come from high-quality studies and evidence, such as the following: randomized clinical trials, meta-analyzes and systematic reviews, as well as others studies: protocols, case series, critical comments, letters to the editor, etc. The research studies we publish are from different areas of knowledge such as the following: Physiotherapy, Nursing, Podiatry, Dentistry, Medicine, Psychology, Nutrition and other disciplines related to Health.